Chris Chris 28.01.2022

We Have Developed a Fully Automated On-Chain Trading Bot, Called SPACE VAULT β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! How are you? What's your name? 

Manuel: Hello, my name is Manuel and I'm sort of the all-rounder as far as the whole thing is concerned, but I'm called OG by everyone. Except for our artist, Gregor Schuppler, we don't want to appear in public. 

We are a small team with already many years of experience in program development, as we originally developed non-profit iOS apps for environmental protection. Now we have created this community project through our experience and want to combine our trading bot with a NFT project and do something good for the community.

Chris: What is a Space Bot? How does the NFT work with the Space?

Manuel: Space Bots are randomly generated and unique NFT artworks deployed on the POLYGON Network. The Space Bots are small robots which were simply created to enjoy and celebrate their eternal life on their home planet and they grant its owner future utilities like access to our SPACE VAULT. The robots were made inspired by the TV series Futurama and live in a fictional metaverse.

Chris: Interesting, so what is the SPACE VAULT? What is the aim of pooling revenues into the SPACE VAULT? 

Manuel: Did you know that 70-80% of the markets are traded by trading bots and automated programs? With this introduction we would like to present our revolutionary plan to make our project unique! We are the first NFT set backed by a fully automated decentralized on-chain trading bot with the focus is on giving back to the community!
We have developed a fully automated on-chain trading bot, called SPACE VAULT, which profits from the price fluctuations of a token pair (e.g. ETH/UDSC).
The bot achieves an annual interest rate return of at least 110% and depending on the price trend, the bot has already achieved an average APR of close to 1000% in test phases. 

More detailed informations can be found in our dedicated SPACE VAULT Litepaper.

Chris: Furthermore, how does the investor benefit from the pooling of funds in the SPACE VAULT? 

Manuel: Quite simply, we will put 90% of all the income we get from our Space Bots and all other future NFT set into the SPACE VAULT! 100% of the fees from the secondary market revenues will also be put into the SPACE VAULT! The more capital a trading bot has available the more interest it can generate. Within our first Space Bot set there will be a 200 random Elite Space Bots included. Everyone who owns one of the 200 Elite Space Bots will get an equal share of the profits from the SPACE VAULT. 100% of the SPACE VAULT trading bot earning will be automatically distributed monthly to the wallets of all Elite Bots. (In stable coins)

We will deploy the SPACE VAULT as a contract on the blockchain and anyone can easily monitor the transactions performed by the trading bot via blockchain explorer.

Chris: Alright, then what is the Mint Pass? How does the investor use this Mint Pass? What are the benefits for the investor? 

Manuel: With our Mint pass is a three dimensional NFT which grants you the following advantages: 
FREE mint authorization for our Space Bots NFT set and a private discord channel for pass owners. You are also allot to mint any of our upcoming NTF drops for FREE, as well as our NFT ITEMS!  The Mint pass also determines your rank in our SBC Metaverse and it's a three dimensional animated NFT which just looks cool!

Chris: When is the NFT going for sale? How much is the minting cost of a SPACE NFT? 

Manuel: The Space Bots will be released at the beginning of February, the exact date and the MATIC price will be announced in our Discord channel soon.

Chris: You also have a SPACE BOTS club. How does one enter into this club? What are the benefits? 

Manuel: The club is the imaginary metaverse where the space bots meet to exchange and share experiences.You can already become part of the club by joining our Discord server and interacting with the people. And as briefly mentioned above, there are of course special private channels for verified NFT holders. A big advantage of the Elite Space Bot holder is of course the automatic profit share of the SPACE VAULTS in stable coins. 

Chris: There is a lot planned for the future of Space Bots? What all is lined up next? 

Manuel: After selling our Space Bot, we will activate the Space Vault and all Elite Space Bots start to yield an equal share of the Trading Bot revenue. To generate more revenue and stable base capital for the Space Vault, we are releasing 3-dimensional NFT ITEMS. These are needed to upgrade your Space Bot later. To generate more revenue and stable base capital for the Space Vault, we are releasing 3-dimensional NFT ITEMS and a second set. These are needed to upgrade your Space Bot later. After that we want to work on a concept for three dimensional Space Bots NFTs. Together with the community we will then decide the further utility for our 3D ITEMS, the 2D- and 3D-SPACE-BOTS. 

Chris: Finally, investors want to be updated regularly on the latest events of SPACE BOT NFT. How can they do so?

Manuel: Follow us on Twitter and the best way to reach us is on the Discord server.