The French Surgeon Regrets the Intent to Sell His Patient's X-ray as an NFT

With the overwhelming NFT craze avalanching the globe, everyone is jumping through hoops to join the uptrend. Well, a senior surgeon in one of the French hospitals didn't want to bite the dust and tried to put on sale the image of his patient's forearm with a Kalashnikov bullet lodged near the bone as an NFT. Everything would go right if he had primarily informed the woman of his intentions.

The woman had been shot in the arm back in 2015, during the notorious events of the Bataclan attack in Paris with 130 victims killed. So, it was no surprise, she did everything possible for the surgeon to face legal actions.

Emmanuel Masmejean, the orthopedic surgeon at the Georges Pompidou hospital, had also described the patient on the NFT website as a young woman who had not only been shot in her arm but had also lost her boyfriend in the 2015 massacre.

When asked about his intentions of selling the patient's X-ray as NFT, Mr. Masmejean reportedly said he acknowledged that the sale was "an error" and that he regretted not having asked for the patient's permission.

According to Mediapart, the portal to describe the incident first, the NFT of the French woman's arm X-ray was put up for sale on OpenSea - for $2,776.

The woman's lawyer said she was "extremely shocked" to discover what the surgeon had done, according to news agency AFP.

"This doctor, not content with breaking the duty of medical secrecy towards this patient, thought it would be a good idea to describe the private life of this young woman, making her perfectly identifiable," a statement sent to AFP from the woman's lawyer said.

The patient, for obvious reasons, decided to keep her name a secret.