Chris Chris 27.01.2022

The Collection Consists of 392 Cards Representing 24 Characters with Unique Sets of Properties — Founder's Interview

This time around we are talking to  Evgeny Oreshin, CEO of Alice Games, with over 15 years experience in developing and publishing mobile games

Chris: At the very first glance, the token seems to be a card game NFT. Is it true? What does the card game aim to achieve through the NFT space?

Evgeny: Yes, the Darkest Heroes is a collection of 392 upgradable trading cards featuring 24 established dark fantasy characters. At launch the cards can be upgraded through our proprietary smart contract, meaning that collectors may burn any three of a kind cards to mint a leveled up version of the same card. This mechanic allows players to increase the card rarity and reduce the size of the collection resulting in a truly unique collector’s experience. And of course these characters will be playable in our upcoming gaming titles! We are game developers after all, so there will be games!

Chris: Interesting, so how do the Darkest Heroes interact with each other in the game? In other words, how does the investor play the game?

Evgeny: Our previous non-crypto game was an idle RPG experience with over 1.5 million players worldwide. Our upcoming Web3 project will expand on our working formula by integrating digital ownership and GameFi mechanics into the mix. We can’t reveal the game just yet though, but the Darkest Heroes collectibles will play a major role there.

Chris: How many Darkest Heroes NFT tokens are set to release? When is the date of release?

Evgeny: The collection consists of 392 cards representing 24 characters with unique sets of properties. In will be released on 2nd of February 20:00 UTC.

Chris: Similarly, please elaborate on how do I mint my Darkest Heroes NFT? What will be the minting cost of each NFT?

Evgeny: The cards will be minted on our website with a cap of 3 cards per wallet. The mint price will be 0.2 ETH.

Chris: How does the Darkest Heroes NFT upgrade? Do I need to mint more NFTs to upgrade?

Evgeny: Three of a kind cards are needed for an upgrade. So there are quite a few ways collectors may approach it. Some may try to mint a rare card at genesis, some might want to collect the copies of the same card and upgrade, some may want to hold on their cards to trade them later when someone needs theirs to upgrade.

Chris: Furthermore, how does the trading of cards take place? Is it a part of the game?

Evgeny: Trading will be happening on OpenSea.

Chris: Do you have a rarity definition chart for the investors? Do they have premium pricing?

Evgeny: The rarity chart will be available on our website. There are 3 character classes (Mobs, Bosses and Heroes) of 5 different skill levels (Beginner, Apprentice, Adept, Master, Grandmaster). Mobs are the most common and they are minted at the Beginner level and can be upgraded up to an Adept level;, Bosses are much rarer. They are minted at Adept level and can be upgraded up to a Grandmaster level. Hero card is one of a kind. And it’s a Grandmaster tier card. So, we expect Bosses to be about 20 times more valuable than Mobs and the Hero to be another 20 times more valuable than a Boss.

Chris: In the end, what awaits the Darkest Heroes NFT after the sales are over? What is the next step on the roadmap for the collection?

Evgeny: We’ve got big plans! The endgame is the Darkest Heroes game of course, but we want to reward our early supporters much earlier. Our developers are working on the DARKEST token, which will be used to unlock new character traits and a complementary PFP collection. Both will be airdropped to the Darkest Heroes holders by the end of Q2.You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates