Chris Chris 26.01.2022

We are Going to Airdrop Our Holders With a Cute NFT Pet — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Andrew and Lettie: Andrew and Lettie are alumni in graduate school. Andrew is a tech lead who has been working in Meta Platform for 7 years. Lettie is a senior Lead Graphic designer who loves illustration. Salawu is our marketing manager and she has driven 10+ NFT projects who has plenty of marketing resources. This Eye roll uncle NFT project started from a random chat. We have realized the NFT world is crazy, not only for making money, but how fun it is to see the artwork people design and collect. We have clearly identified endless possibilities, so we want to be part of it. We love the NFT developing process, it makes us happy to constantly surprise and delight our audience.

Chris: The Rolling Eye Uncle is quite offbeat. What is your story behind this unique NFT idea?

Andrew: It all started from a simple idea. When we browse info online and after looking at so many cool or even mean looking NFTs, we want to make something funny, friendly, delightful, or even a little bit ironic. This is a crazy world, think about how you feel when browsing online, there are many moments when you just have a lot to say but probably wouldn’t have time or wouldn’t bother to respond to everything you see. Sometimes I’d rather give it an eye roll. Yes, we all want to be cool, and there are many ways to be cool. It is a great way to add delight to your life by just giving it a funny look when we see something questionable. This offbeat feeling comes from this philosophy behind the eye roll uncle -- chill, funny, ironic, friendly, and as you mentioned, unique!

Chris: How are the Rolling Eye Uncles unique? What are their features and traits? How does the investor define rarities?

Andrew: As we mentioned before, Eye Rolling Uncle is showing a chill, funny, ironic and friendly attitude to what is happening in the world. This collection has different facial expressions, suit, hat, headset, glasses and T-shirt. Rare is defined as an avatar wearing attire.

Chris: The Rolling Eye Uncles are artwork NFTs. What more can I do with the token?

Lettie: Eye Rolling Uncles NFT holders could claim $ERUC daily. Holders could use $ERUC to purchase a new NFT collection created by our team and also buy merchandise in our online store.

Chris: Interesting, so when do you start public sales? Do you have a whitelist as well?

Lettie: We have not announced the public sales date yet. Join our Discord and Twitter to get the latest update. Yep, we have a whitelist event running in our community. A whitelist member could become a VIP member and mint Eye Rolling Uncle NFT at a lower price without competing in gas war. Come to our Discord server and you could get more information about how to get into the whitelist.

Chris: Furthermore, what is the cost per NFT? How can I buy the Rolling Eye Uncles NFT?

Andrew: Each NFT will cost 0.08 ETH. A whitelisted member could mint it at 0.07 ETH. You could mint it oin our website. Our NFT is following ERC 721 on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, you could trade it on Opensea, Looksrare, Rarible and so on.

Chris: We saw that you had a mint limit per transaction. Do you have an ownership limit as well? How many Rolling Eye Uncles NFT’s can an investor purchase?

Lettie: We set the limit to 15 per wallet in the public mint. Unlike Merge from pak, an investor can hold as many as they want.

Chris: Finally, what is next for the Rolling Eye Uncles? What is the idea behind the next NFT collection?

Andrew: Good question. We are going to airdrop our holders with a cute NFT pet, like bunny, kitten, slow loris and so on. We will award as many benefits to our community members as possible. These benefits includes free giveaways, $ERUC tokens and free airdrop.