"How to Spot NFT Gems" Talk in Our Twitter Space

Are you an NFT creator who never stops seeking inspiration? Or, maybe you are a collector digging through the terrain in search of real NFT boons to add to your collection? Rejoice, you both, as this Thursday, January 27, the expert founders of NFT projects on the crest of the non-fungible wave will join our Twitter Space to discuss "How to spot NFT gems."

The co-host of the meeting is Andy Ocean who is an NFT enthusiast, music tech entrepreneur, co-founder of NFT Look and founder of ChordChord.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How to find the next great NFT
  • How to launch a successful NFT project
  • Q&A from the audience

The invited speakers are:

  • Looks Legit – NFT Marketing & Consulting company supporting artists & collectors. 
  • Duncan Rogoff – founder of ETH.r Brews, motion graphics pro, NFT creator/collector, holder of BAYC#8103 & MAYC#26206. 
  • Timothy Jooste – founder of KOIN GAMES, an AAA Blockchain Game Studio, building epic P2E games. 
  • NFTSasha – a degen building of Bizarros, an RPG about NFTs, holder of BAYC#2767. 

The guests will discuss their NFT projects and share their tips for collectors & creators. We will also have a Q&A session with the audience, so join us on this awesome talk!

"How to Spot NFT Gems" to be held January 27 at 7 pm CET / 10 am PST

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It's going to be a hot discussion!