Ryan Wyatt Who Brought Gamers to YouTube Takes the Position of Polygon Studios CEO

Ryan Wyatt, a forward-thinking YouTube's Head of Gaming, is leaving his position to join the crypto-oriented Polygon Technology company to take over Polygon Studios organization.

Being in charge of Google and YouTube development, Wyatt has brought into life a couple of groundbreaking initiatives like bringing Twitch gaming streamers to the YouTube video platform. Such success inspires Polygon leaders to entrust the pro with the company's non-tech-related efforts. By transitioning from Google to Polygon, Ryan will become the missing link between Web2 and Web3, further developing the Polygon ecosystem.

As Ryan Wyatt commented on his appointment to The Verge: “In my role at Polygon Studios, I will be focused on growing the developer ecosystem through investment, marketing, and developer support and bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. I’ll be leading the Polygon Studios organization across Gaming, Entertainment, Fashion, News, Sports, and more. I’m excited to work with developers and builders across the Polygon ecosystem and I’ll be sharing more about my journey over the coming months.”

And Wyatt isn’t the only YouTube staffer leaving for crypto — Jamie Byrne, YouTube’s senior director of creator partnerships, is joining Bright Moments. Heather Rivera, a YouTube VP and global head of product partnerships, is leaving YouTube as well, according to Tubefilter.

Just to see the full picture, Polygon Studios still looks kind of raw, starting from the website layout, ending up in a list of partners. So, it seems Wyatt will be tasked with building it out. Blockchain-based media and content have been under the spotlight, not without the roaring hype around NFTs. Probably, with Wyatt's appointment, Polygon is likely to draw a mighty stream of new organic users to their products, the same as it once happened with YouTube.