Chris Chris 28.01.2022

The Art is Based on a True Life Story that Started in Our Sunday Breakfast Times — Creator's Interview

This time around we are talking to Matthew — CEO & Founder of ToastPunk Genesis

Chris: ToastPunk Genesis is an interesting concept. If I was seeing your project for the first time, what would you want me to know about it? Why should I be hyped?

Matthew: Thanks. So the art is based on a true life story that started in our "Sunday breakfast times" where my kids and I made toast, cheese and put faces on them with tomato sauce. Genesis is about the prequel story where I found out my kids actually made ones (before those Sunday times) based on characters from their favorite cartoons. We gave sneak peaks of the art to the Twitter world and told them that we wanted our story to live on as NFTs and in a short time span we grew to a following of over 28 thousand people on Twitter and we built a solid community in discord right now to over 16,000 members.

Chris: Awesome. Tell us a bit more about the creators and founding members. What are their backgrounds?

Matthew: So, I am Matt, the dad in the ToastPunk videos you can find all over the Internet and my background is in startups and investments. I've previously built 3 companies from scratch to multi million dollar enterprises and brought them to exits successfully. My latest startup Warrp is an Australian based agile software development company with over 80 employees globally that develops pioneering tech in marketplaces, blockchain, defi and gamefi. Both myself, my team and company are fully doxxed and we are now focused in NFTs and the metaverse with the latest being the ToastPunk World 3D / AR metaverse for all NFTs especially 2D ones to convert into 3D characters in our world to earn passive income through a life building and city building simulation experience.

Chris: ToastPunk Genesis is one of the biggest projects out there, and we hear it has generated some serious support. Who are some of the big names backing this project?

Matthew: So other than celebrities like Paris Hilton and countless other Twitter & Instagram verified influencer accounts that follow us, our company and projects growth is supported by Zash Ventures and a wide network of CrowdCreate investors. At the end of the day, the biggest support comes from our community and we have built a solid OG community thus far and will continue to build on this for many years to come.

Chris: Now to the drop. How many NFTs will be dropped in the public sale? Please share more about the whitelist and the number of spots available.

Matthew: We will drop 7000 in the public sale and 3000 in the pre-sale. Pre-sale is reserved for whitelisters and OGs however if you are learning about us for the first time, we have made sure we reserved spots in pre-sale as well for newcomers. All you need to do is jump on our website and fill the 'Join Whitelist' Lucky Draw form for a chance at winning a whitelist spot - winners notified by email and in our discord.

Chris: And the rarity? Please elaborate on the 1,000 NFTs with the upgradable traits.

Matthew: Yeh, so hidden within the 10,000 NFTs are 1,000 NFTs with a metadata that reads as "Upgradeable". Not long after the reveal, we will airdrop holders of this NFT a new NFT called "Upgradeable Pass NFT" and once we have done this the "Upgradeable" metadata in the Genesis collection vanishes. The benefit of having an "Upgradeable Pass NFT" is that you will be able to use this to "upgrade" the art of the OG (original) ToastPunk collection. The upgraded art will reside in a separate ToastPunk collection called "OG Upgraded". In short terms, this is like your "serum" in Bored Apes where you can upgrade your Bored Ape to a Mutant Ape and retain both apes and where the "serum" gets burned, decreasing the supply and increasing the value. The "Upgradeable Pass NFT" will toast the normal toast in OG and present them as toasted (special) edition and will upgrade an already toasted one (special) to an ultra rare one (think Salt Bae meet Golden Wagyu in toast form).

Chris: Most NFT buyers today are not just looking to sell. They want to be part of a community. What are some of the perks for the community members that are in it for the long haul?

Matthew: Our community is hosted in the ToastPunk World discord server. Plans for this server includes hosting partnership NFT drops which go through the same vetting and doxxed process as ours ensuring that collectors get to benefit not just from our NFT drops but partnered NFT drops as well. The community is exclusive where private "whale" channels such as the OG Holder Club hosts the community for serious holders and collectors and there are other general chat and language channels with games and giveaways being run daily.

Chris: All things going as planned, where do you see ToastPunk Genesis 3 years from now?

Matthew: As "early settlers" in ToastPunk World as soon as the 4th quarter of 2022, ToastPunk Genesis holders will be able to benefit first with the earliest passive wealth accumulation in our metaverse. This utility alone will see the value of Genesis NFTs rise and be supported long term as there will be no more Genesis available after these 10,000 are minted and sold. The secondary support will always be there as access to ToastPunk World as a Genesis character can only be done if you own a Genesis. Three years from now, we will continue to support the rise of the value of ToastPunk Genesis NFTs through various celebrity and brand partnerships.

Chris: Where can we follow you to remain updated on everything ToastPunk Genesis? Where are you most active?

Matthew: I'm the most active on our Twitter page and discord. Although we are a big discord I often chat and also run giveaways personally myself in our discord as I like to stay in touch with all community members. Feel free to join our community to learn more about us and hope to see you in there soon.