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February 16, 2022 – February 22, 2022





11.155 unique badass bones living in the Ethereum Blockchain compose the Calcium4Bones NFT Collection.

+260 different hand-drawn traits are responsible for one of the most varied and cool collections in the blockchain.

Each Bone will have its unique rarity distributed among 6 different tiers and will be the key to access the C4B society and all of its benefits. The Bones’ supremacy is here!


November 1st, 2055

Overpopulation and climate change have brought disease and famine around the world. The economic gap between rich and poor is greater than ever and the tension between nations is at an all time high.

The chemical-nuclear war that everyone feared is finally here and no one is safe from it.


After the great disaster, due to the chemicals and the radiation emanating from the missiles, the skeletons of the victims came back to life and rose as the new dominant civilization of the planet.

This new species, smarter and stronger than the human, need but one thing to survive… Calcium. Products like milk, cheese and almonds are now the most coveted goods in the planet.



So far, there has been no sign of possible survivors. It would seem like the human race has become completely extinct.



I) Back to life - The human race perished... The Bones raised!

· Pre-Sale: join our pre-sale taking place on February 7th by whitelisting in our discord.

· Main Sale: the public mint will happen on February 8th through our website.

II) Bone Bonding - The bases of this new Bone's society are being settled up

We plan to strengthen our Bones community by launching some funny activities where anyone can win really cool prizes! Multiple giveaways, treasure hunts, competitions or quizzes are just a few!

III) Bones Store - Exclusive merch just for Bones' holders!

IV) The Calcium Factory - The most valuable asset in existence can now be produced!

Stake your Bones NFTs and start generating Calcium! 

· Obtain lottery tickets that will give access to NFTs, ETH airdrops and other cool prices raffles.

· Access different vaults based on your Bone's rarity tier with unique rewards.

· Get special discounts.

V) The Episodes - The entertainment industry has arrived to Boneywood!

Calcium4Bones will produce several amusing video episodes where some of the NFTs minted will be the characters! Holders of the featured Bones will receive ownership royalties in ETH.

VI) Meet the Survivors - We thought they were gone. We were wrong. Humans are back!

Supremacy does not exist without an opponent race. We will launch a secondary collection for the Human race, with 4 different factions to choose from. Which will you stand for?


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