Chris Chris 30.01.2022

Each Resistеr from the NFT Collection is its Own Signature Artwork — Creator's Interview

Chris: I would buy your project just for the art! When I first saw it, I was just like, wow. I don’t know anyone who competes with you aesthetically. Who are the creators? Who is on your team?
It Remains team: It Remains is an NFT Collection on the Ethereum Blockchain like you have never seen before, it is based on the characters and story of a Graphic Novel in-the-making, written by author Vasil Tuchkov & drawn by digital artist Ed Mattinian. We classify the genre as Beyond Dystopian / Odd / Abstract.
Our inspirations are: Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”, "Lucifer", Giger, Beksinsky,
Cormac Mcarthy’s “the Road”, Brian Evenson’s uncanny work, Jeff Vandermeer's otherworldliness
Vasil Tuchkov
Writer of fiction. Stories, scripts and film. Vasil is a published Novelist. First book published at the age of 17. Founder of StudioRubik - the Disruptive-Creative Agency. His work includes creative & marketing campaigns with viral reach in the UK, USA, Japan, Brazil. Founder of LivingWEB: Live Display of Digital Space, where Art, Tech and Advertising crossover, to transform branded installations into mind-bending sensory experiences.
Ed Mattinian
Ed's been drawing his whole life. Since 2005 he's held various roles in the Game Dev industry from large-scale MMO titles to indie gems.
Behind the project are also the tech company and the advertising agency.
There are many talented professionals behind the NFT project, you can see the team section on our website
Chris: Shout out on your stance against industrial contamination. How is your community aiming to solve this problem? Are there any other social initiatives that you are addressing?
It Remains team: The concept’s author, Vasil, wandered around town photographing junkyards, urban decay and homeless people, regularly over the last two years of lockdowns. During that time he and Ed (who transformed the photos into digital art) had the time, mood and drive to dig deep into thematic sources of information. In fact, a great deal of the characters’ clothing and overall appearance in the Graphic Novel was inspired from homeless DIY outfits, assembled out of necessity from various waste materials such as plastic bags and wraps, random branded packaging.
For the duo, a great source of motivation is to reflect this current graphic reality, as to raise awareness with the question, where it might lead humanity, through the arts of painting and storytelling applied on modern tech and social media channels.
The world of “IT REMAINS” is shaped by the leftovers of fallen civilization - humanity’s plastic debris junkyard. Set in beyond dystopia, the fictional setting’s appearance and characters are inspired by real-life global environment issues such as plastic and industrial contamination. For that reason, we plan to raise awareness, support, promote and organize events for community-voted causes, committed to finding plastic alternatives, better plastic waste management and homeless people support initiatives.
Chris: You dropped some NFTs on the 20th of January. How can I go about purchasing one of your NFTs? How much will it cost me? Is there a whitelist and what’s the minting process?
It Remains team: At this point of time, we have still not revealed the collection It RemainsRESISTERS. The final look of the signature NFTs will be kept a mystery until next week. But rest assured, if you like what you see of the art and story thus far, what “Remains” to come is on a whole other level. Each of the Resisters rarity attributes have been hand-painted uniquely, avoiding common “lazy” practices such as to simply change the color of designs automatically.
Ed and Vasil have had close to three years to produce massive amounts of original content - something that cannot be done within the short time of an NFT bull-run. It Remains goes deep in story, visuals, philosophy and jargon, and is here to stay and to grow. Hopefully, it would find its right audience and attract a healthy intelligent community, interested in quality and synergy. 
Chris: I’m really hyped to hear about your collection. Are all the NFTs equal? Or are there different traits and levels?
It Remains team: Each Resistеr from the NFT collection is its own signature artwork, and possesses different randomly-generated attributes of ranging rarity.
Chris: For those who aren’t familiar with your project, please explain more about your mission to promote the underlying craft storytelling.
It Remains team: Dreams are easy to forget, unless you write them down.
Chris: Outside the art, what are some of the perks of being a member of this community? Are there any raffles, prizes etc.?
It Remains team: It Remains is also founded on the ideas of cross-collaboration and the correlation of virtual and physical, of “real-life” and Meta. Holders will receive first access to the digital releases of the graphic novel as well as a high-quality physical books - released in several episodic acts. Holders will have the chance to posses high-res prints and even 3D action-figure models.
Community members will have voting rights and a say on the future development of the It Remains franchise.
Chris: What are your long-term goals?
It Remains team: Aside from the mentioned passion for spreading good art and storytelling, publishing a high quality physical copy of the graphic novel, along with aiding environmental causes. Among our vision for the future is building the “It Remains” world on the metaverse and creating play-to-earn experiences together with the community.
Chris: Where can we follow you to see your latest updates? I personally would love to see more of your artwork.
It Remains team: You can join our social so as not to miss new updates.