The '70s Music & Culture NFT Collection Featuring David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and Others

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March 21, 2023 – April 18, 2023


Candy Digital



After a year since the exclusive partnership between Gary Vee-backed startup Candy Digital and the premier platform for creative stock photos Getty Images, the collaboration finally bears fruit. It will result in the first Getty's release of digital collectibles entitled '70s Music & Culture | Volume 1, featuring photos of music icons and pictures of the epoch of the 70s taken by the most prominent photographers of that time.

Selected from over 80 million photos from the Getty Images Archive, the inaugural collection will feature the works by six celebrated photographers of the 70s, including Don Paulsen, David Redfern, Fin Costello, Richard Creamer, Steve Morley, and Peter Keegan. 

According to Getty’s Curator of Print Sales and Exhibitions, Shawn Waldron, a through-line to capture certain aspects of the boiling culture of the 70s and personalities who expressed their message delivered through the lens of the remarkable photographers.

This first collection for Candy is interesting because we’re exploring different photographers [and] each had their own specialty. The images stand alone, but they’re also part of a bigger, broader body of work,” Waldron said, adding “They [photographers] were all working within the broader idea of 70s music, which was such an incredibly dynamic period: you have the birth of punk, the birth of disco, Laurel Canyon, glam rock in the U.K., reggae, outlaw country. And you had this rise of music media, a real need for photographers to be out there, covering these growing scenes.”

Before it would have turned into a history-making NFT collection, the whole extensive cultural layer represented by millions of photos was rediscovered and sorted out by the Getty's team to downsize it to only 120 images. Thus, the first 100 photographs depict various music scenes of the 70s, while the remaining 20 are devoted to Peter Keegan’s works capturing the New York street scenes during the same time frame.

Digitized and transformed into the eternal digital pieces stored forever on the blockchain by Gary Vee's Candy Digital team, the '70s Music & Culture collection will include six different series showcasing imagery captured by the most skilled photographers of their generation. Each collection devoted to music legends includes 10 different digital collectibles, while the last series is composed of 20 images of NY streets by Peter Keegan. Here they are:

  • Fin Costello Collection: Rock Icons
  • David Redfern Collection: Into the Arena
  • Richard Creamer Collection: Stage Life
  • Steve Morley Collection: Rock Legends
  • Don Paulsen Collection: Close and Personal
  • Peter Keegan Collection: NYC Streetscapes Vol. 01

Moreover, in addition to the six Collections, the '70s Music & Culture drop will feature 60 single one-of-one NFTs, capturing images of stellar music artists, like Bowie, AC/DC, Gladys Knight, Hendrix, and others.

The drop will start on March 21st, with prices ranging from $25 apiece up to $200 for the whole ten-piece collection.

Just before you plunge yourselves into the roaring musical culture of freedom of the '70s by joining the mint, you will have to become registered on Candy Digital and grab your chance to mint an It's Time To Light The Lights digital collectible, which comes free of charge! 

To grab your zero-priced NFT compliment, you only have to log in to your Candy account and claim your free asset until March 15th. Moreover, once you've claimed your collectible, you will automatically become eligible for a lottery to win a Polaroid Go Starter Set which comes paired with a collection of 10 images from the photographer in the 70s Music & Culture collection of your choice. The lucky winners will be announced on March 16th.

Candy and Getty have derived from the sports collectibles theme to delve into an awe-inspiring journey to the era of the '70s with its dissidence, call for freedom, and times when the legendary music was born that sends shivers to our bodies even nowadays, over five decades after.

Whether you are an avid fan of the music of the '70s or just realize the importance of this historic NFT drop, you'd better create an account on Candy right away, or log in to become eligible for the upcoming mesmerizing mint!

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