Homunculus Verse Club

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March 30, 2023 – April 06, 2023





Welcome to the launch of the NFT project Homunculus Verse Club! We are pleased to announce that our official launch date is March 30th, 2023. In this project, we will create a unique collection of digital artworks that will introduce the new ecosystem of our project for the next few years. Each artwork in this collection is unique and distinctive and will be exclusively owned by the holder of the corresponding NFT.

In addition, we want to contribute to environmental protection. For every minted NFT in this project, we will plant a tree to minimize our carbon footprint and fulfill our responsibility to the environment.

We hope that this initiative inspires others to advocate for a more sustainable world and combat climate change. We are excited about this project and can't wait to introduce you to the unique artworks that are part of the HMCLVerseClub. Stay tuned and don't miss the launch date on March 30th, 2023!

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