Pokerlook Origin Avatars

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March 13, 2023 – March 20, 2023









Introducing ORIGIN Avatars, the highly coveted NFT collection boasting a limited supply of only 5000 units. Each ORIGIN Avatar is a unique masterpiece, offering unparalleled value and benefits in the Pokerlook game. But what truly sets this collection apart are the 8 legendary Avatars, each possessing extraordinary powers that can take your gameplay to the next level.


1. Nft Staking – Stake ORIGIN Avatars in upcoming NFT staking pool and earn $PKL tokens! (Multiple ORIGIN Avatars can be staked to increase $PKL rewards!)

2. In-game Benefits: By owning ORIGIN Avatar you can use it in Pokerlook poker game (LIVE), and earn more rakeback, discounts at purchases, bigger deposit bonuses, FREE NFT drops, faster level progressing and much more!

3. Lending – Origin: Avatars will get lending functionality after collection is SOLD-OUT, so you can lend it to others if you don't play Pokerlook game and you earn passive income from the borrower.

Collection information:

Total Supply: 5000 Origin Avatars

Legendaries: 8 Legendary ORIGIN Avatars (Mixed randomly in 5000 collection)

Legendary Origin Avatars benefits:

Insane staking ROI, full rakeback in game, triple deposit bonus, higher discounts and much more!

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