Bum Fun: Pre Sale

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March 10, 2023 – March 17, 2023





Bum Fun is dedicated to bringing the FUN back to the NFT space. We believe Bum Fun is for everyone, creating a safe space for all passionate artists, degens and Bum lovers to be themselves and have a good time. It is our wish that through an inclusive, supportive community all holders of Bum Fun NFT find a place to express themselves and find happiness!

Bum Fun is a collection dedicated to helping others and giving back. We are dedicating over 20 ETH to give back to the Community in prizes after mint out and a percentage of all secondary sales thereafter!

Welcome to Bum Fun!

Bum Fun is a collection of 8888 generated Bums coming to the Ethereum blockchain.
Bum Fun is all about bringing the fun back to NFT. We’re combining Art + Vibes + Cheeks!
With over 150 assets hand-drawn and randomly combined each Bum is a unique, one of a kind NFT with varying levels of rarity that acts as your avatar on Planet Bum! The collection also includes 8 special one-of-one Bums.

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