The Chronicles of Creation by Alan Bolton x deadmau5

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July 27, 2021 – July 28, 2021





Mixed media digital artist and multidisciplinary creator Alan Bolton teamed up with one of the world's renowned electronic music producers deadmau5 to release the NFT Collection. Titled ‘The Chronicles of Creation’, it drops on July 27th on MakersPlace.

This is not the first appearance of Alan Bolton and deadmau5 in the NFT Calendar. Both artists are actively involved in the NFT movement and drop their non-fungible tokens quite often.

‘The Chronicles of Creation’ NFT Collection is a series of surreal artworks “based on the beginning of time and the creation of the world as we know it”. Alan Bolton has skillfully merged elements of nature and technology with the symbolic mau5head, bringing the viewer on a unique journey with each artwork.

Each piece within the collection is also designed to match the energy of the music and give a true collaboration of music and art.

Mark your calendars for July 27th not to miss ‘The Chronicles of Creation’ by Alan Bolton and deadmau5!

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