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Alan Bolton

Alan Bolton is a digital artist born in Ireland and currently based in Tenerife, Spain. He focuses on Videography, Photography, Artwork, and 3D Visuals. He came to the limelight in 2017 while working as a lead content creator for MihranTV’s YouTube channel in Los Angeles. He was able to build his social media platform with a massive following. His passion for surreal and abstract 3D visuals promoted him to work with globally recognized brands. All his creations are inspired by spirituality, music, nature, and technology. He blends differently to unique and authentic still-image or video artworks.

In November 2020, Alan Bolton announced his entrance to the Crypto art space as a digital artist. Currently, he is now a member of the Seven20 family with various NFT drops already on the market. Some of his collections include:

  • Terrestrial Paradise – He reflects the Story of creation through a part series collection that merges elements from the Garden of Eden, nature, and technology.
  • Complicated – He features Jay Robinson and Dominique and is his debut NFT drop as a Seven20 Management signee. It is a 3-part audiovisual NFT drop that was released on the MakersPlace platform.
  • Mind Games - An exclusive 3 part audiovisual drop that reveals the power of the human mind.
  • The nature of the Mind.
  • Mind Ecology
  • Crypto Gaming

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