Smelly Skunks

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October 22, 2021 – October 29, 2021





Smelly Skunks is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated colorful skunks spreading their scent and celebrating the escape from the crazy scientist's lab on the Ethereum blockchain as verified ERC-721 NFTs.

Every cute Smelly Skunk is unique and programmatically generated from over 150+ possible attributes and traits like background, smell, fur, hair,  mouth, eyes, nose, clothes, and accessories. Some skunks are rarer than others.

Help them on their mission to build schools and spread their scent all over the metaverse. If you own a skunk you will be blessed with immunity against the smell, which enables you to join Skunkworld safely and profit from exclusive benefits, giveaways, and future drops.

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