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October 15, 2021 – October 15, 2021





Our Genesis drop of Krubberduckiez are the first of many playable NFT assets in our Metaverse known as the Krubberverse. Within the Krubberverse you will be able to use your NFTs in game to chat, explore & play arcade games with friends. Our krubbercade will contain a variety of arcade games that allow you to win exclusive 1/1 NFTs. The games will require you to deposit Krubbercoins which will be airdropped to all Krubberverse NFT holders weekly. All Krubberverse NFTs will also come with an SDK (Source developer kit) which allows owners to use their 3D assets as they wish. With this code owners will be able to use their NFTs in their own animation, import them into other metaverses, or even 3D print their NFT.

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