Seasons by Kaskade x Chad Knight

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May 28, 2021 – May 29, 2021





American DJ and music producer Kaskade teamed up with digital artist and virtual world creator Chad Knight for an NFT drop. On May 28th, Kaskade and Chad Knight will release the “Seasons” virtual online experience, inspired by Vivaldi’s violin concerto series “Le Quattro Stagioni”.

The collection features four pieces where each season is as if a separate world, ruled by love and time. The artists reimagined nature’s cycles and shifted nature’s evolution into digital where it can be immortalized.

“The changing of seasons communicates the passage of time and life’s ongoing cycle rhythm. There is no more reliable change than the one reflected in our natural environment” – the artists say.

“Seasons” NFT Collection is an immersive sonic and visual experience that will be available for feeling on May 28th on Nifty Gateway.

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