Invisible Friends x Kith NFTs

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May 18, 2022 – May 21, 2022





To celebrate the era of digital fashion, the top-tier NFT project Invisible Friends has joined efforts with the major NY-based streetwear brand Kith for the set of limited-edition 1:1 Kith Friends NFTs. Those will be only nine traditionally walking Invisible Friends motion arts, but only dressed in trendy Summer 2022 collection items by Kith.

The nine Kith Friends will be put up for auction, with the first one available for bids on May 18th, at 11 am EST. All the proceeds from this NFT sale will go to charity. The other eight Kith Friends will be put up for auction on May 19th at 1 pm EST. It's noteworthy that all Kith clothing, worn by the Kith Friends NFTs, will be given to their holders IRL for free.

Later, on May 20th, all existing Invisible Friends holders will be treated to a "larger edition" Kith Friends mint proceed at 1,000 USD in ETH each. All of them will have three varying editions in different colors, sizes, and looks.

But that's not all, folks. Kith also plans to sell only two physical Invisible Friends hoodies via its website. The first hoodie will go for sale on May 20th, only between 11 am and 12 pm EST. Later, only Invisible Friends NFT holders can purchase the second piece during a one-day sale starting from 12 am EST.

Interestingly, according to the Kith website, over time, the Kith Friend edition pieces will "evolve and change to be wearing different clothes, shoes, and accessories." The evolved friend will reveal the item or items that the lucky holders own by early access.

According to the Invisible Friends website, Kith CEO Ronnie Fieg and the Invisible Friends' chief artist Markus Magnusson collaborated directly on the Kith Friends project.

All the first-edition Kith Friends holders will also be provided with early-bird access to the select Kith items to come.

Take time to participate and become the lucky one!

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