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Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is a prominent NFT collection, heard about at least once if you are not a stranger to the NFT realm. This stunning series of 5K animated characters is a product of talented Markus Magnusson. Markus’ slick animation style and overall distinctive approach to creating art are traced in each detail, bringing the collection a huge fan base of high-quality art admirers. 

Invisible Friends has lately grown from a PFP collection to a big NFT project that makes collabs, creates merch, and expands its influence further. One of the project's most known endeavors is its collab with the apparel brand Kith. Their joint collection restyled Invisible Friends while blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. Other initiatives of the project are the release of 5K 3D Invisible Friends NFTs by Nguyen Nhut as well as the launch of Invisible Friends Physical Collectibles featuring statuettes of two sizes. 

Invisible Friends is an exceptional NFT project that has already made a mark in the digital art world and will continue to propel its unique vision. 

Explore the limitless possibilities of the non-fungible realm and the power of imagination in shaping our reality together with Invisible Friends!

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