Invisible Friends 3D Collection by Nguyen Nhut

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November 23, 2022 – November 27, 2022



The celebrated NFT project Invisible Friends has announced a history-making partnership with an eminent artist Nguyen Nhut. The top-tier collaboration resulted in the creation of the 5K-piece collection of 3D Invisible Friends PFPs.

The 3D Invisible Friends are dropping on November 23rd at 0.07 ETH apiece, becoming a highly-anticipated continuation of the blue-chip series. Each 2D NFT in the collection of initial Invisible Friends will unlock one 3D PFP. All Invisible Friend and Nguyen Nhut's NFT holders will have a one-week window to mint their 3D walking Friend.

Each 3D Invisible Friend PFP has both old and new randomized features and traits made by Nguyen Nhut, including fashionable clothing, footwear, accessories, carry-on, and beyond. 

Moreover, according to the project founders, the leftover mints will be reallocated in the supply. Thus, the Invisible Friends' parent company, Random Character Collective (RCC) won't be allowed to mint their own Invisible Friends tokens. But, that's no problem, as, after the one-week period, the RCC team members will be airdropped the corresponding number of assets if any are left.

Besides, there are also 50 WL spots reserved for Nguyen’s Clay Boy community, which guarantees fairness in the distribution of the new Invisible Friends tokens.

The collection is just about to go live via the 3D Invisible Friend’s official website. Be quick to grab yours, as their supply is very limited!

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