Invisible Friends Physical Collectibles

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May 18, 2023 – May 19, 2023





Renowned NFT project Invisible Friends is bringing something truly unique and exciting to the non-fungible realm. It is proud to present its latest venture which is an amazing example of the fusion of digital and physical collectibility, 'Invisible Friends Physical Collectibles.' 

The upcoming drop will feature the first physical collectible from Invisible Friends that will be released as an NFT and can later be burned to get a physical object. This high-quality piece comes in two sizes – 24" and 8". The 24" collectible is a full-color, high-quality polyresin toy that is perfect for display. The 8" collectible is a smaller, more affordable option that is perfect for collectors on a budget. Moreover, there will be 250 Tall Collectible Toys and an unlimited number of Short Collectible Toys available.

Crafted with love and care by the creative minds of the Invisible Friends team, these physical collectibles embody the team's unwavering dedication to producing one-of-a-kind, high-quality art. Collaborating closely with the NFT community, the team meticulously designed each piece to satisfy the discerning taste of avid collectors.

The limited-edition collectibles will be released in three phases starting from May 18th, to give the Invisible Friends community the best opportunity to obtain them.

During Phase 1, the exclusive sale of 250 24" collectibles will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only 2D and 3D Invisible Friends holders are eligible to take part in this sale and grab collectibles at 0.6 ETH. 

Phase 2 is a three-hour public open edition sale of the 8" collectible. Anyone willing will be able to mint during this time frame with each piece priced at 0.18 ETH. 

Phase 3 is scheduled for May 19th and will last for 24 hours. Only 2D and 3D Invisible Friends holders are eligible to take part in this sale and purchase the 8" collectible for 0.09 ETH. 

The claim for the physical collectible will be available in around 6-7 months. At that point, holders of the NFT will have one month to claim before the burn is closed forever. Collectors will have to decide if they want to keep digital or claim a physical version. 

Don't miss an unprecedented opportunity to own an exclusive piece by Invisible Friends! 

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