Future Rhinos NFT

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May 29, 2022 – June 05, 2022





Future Rhinos NFT will be a collection of 9 999 unique NFTs with its main goal to raise sustainable funding for circular rhino conservation impact. A circular approach includes people, the planet, and youth. It is important to note that one is not more important than the other.

Community building is very important to the Future Rhinos team and we aim to collaborate with other NFT projects to maximize our reach and form strategic collaborations and partnerships. 

We are also teaming up with real-world entities, like @ProjectRhinoKZN, that share the same values. Our goal is not to be a once-off project, but to build a strong team and foundation to fuel future projects in the Web3 space that will create real-world impact.

We @futurerhinos believe that the Web 3.0 world can, and will have a direct world impact. Our focus is on the rhino conservation space.

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