Nova DAO NFT Genesis mint

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May 25, 2022 – June 01, 2022





NovaDAO is a DAO governed fundraising and incubation platform for Web 3.0 builders with three primary aims:

Bringing early stage opportunities to the people. These opportunities are currently only available to a select few whales.

To liquify and hence create secondary markets for these opportunities.

To leverage community in order to aid founders build great projects and solve the problems people face!

Our genesis mint will form the DAO. Each Nova Genesis Pass equals one membership and entitles you to staking, rewards and first right of refusal on all future sales.

Once the fund is collected, the representative NFTs will be staked for a period of time.

Against the collected ETH, a smart contract will release $NOVA and reward it to the stakers.

The DAO will have it’s own scout team as well as open communication networks to find the most innovative stuff happening around.

The project founders will be asked to submit decks including details on funding requirements, timelines etc as well as pitch to the community.

Nova DAO’s truly revolutionary in the sense that it uses the concept of a DAO as a Service (DaaS) to present early stage investment opportunities to anyone and everyone in a permissionless manner. By separating the governance (via the NFT) and the utility ( via $NOVA), we can be extremely scalable while still having manageable and meaningful governance.



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