Bianca Alliance

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October 06, 2022 – October 13, 2022





Bianca Alliance is a project with the vision of building connections and networks on/ off web3.0 and on/off web2.0 also.

With a vision that came out from the Bianca story( Bianca Origins) seeking to pull together both the weak and strong to become one superior body on and off the cyberspace. Resonating from one person and extending further to a colleague, this project has been established!

We earnestly want to focus on creativity, production, and promotion. This is whereby every Ally brings out his/her dream creation, the Alliance pushes that idea into production and once again the Alliance promotes the product to reap results for the Alliance. All of this, from the Alliance, by the Alliance, and for the Alliance.


The first Bianca, Baylan, upon her decision to break boundaries and bring something new into her society a lot of Biancas, were made to form the alliance.

That's what we are also going to bring into reality.

Biancas are 9600 unique NFTs on  Polygon.

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