Anthroposeries 1.0

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May 16, 2022 – May 23, 2022





The original idea of anthroposeries 1.0 was seeded in 2018 with an invitation to friends and collaborators to participate in a movie project. We constructed loose scenes where everyone participated bringing a personal touch. No one was required to act neither be anything else than themselves throughout the duration of the project. 

Moments, moods and gestures from the original footage are crafted into the 1/1 memetic puzzles of anthroposeries 1.0 inviting the spectator onto an imaginative journey...

The 3rd and last drop of antroposeries 1.0 on may the 16th, consists of 33 unique artworks and is built around the invitation for a gathering where we will create the raw material for anthroposeries 2.0. The 12 collectible nft ticket artworks from this drop are an invitation for your participation and contribution to a future nft character thus living a permanent personal mark on the blockchain. The experience is also enriched with a lasting digital asset, making you a holder of the first edition of a collectible ldmk artwork tickets.

Each ticket includes 3 day stay in a curated setting where we will meet and co-create. Accommodation, food, drinks and catering to all participant’s souls are included in the experience. The gathering event will take place in september 2023 in sunny cyprus, - more details tba with the tickets.


Phase one | first drop of 33 nfts | may 2nd | completed ☆

Give-away of 1 nft - follow us on twitter

Phase two | second drop of 33 nfts I may 9th | completed ☆

Give-away of 1 nft - follow us on twitter

Phase three | third drop of 33 nft artworks icluding 12 artwork tickets I may 16th

Give-away of 1 nft - follow us on twitter

Phase four | release of the second ldmk collection of 333 nfts - details tba

All anthroposeries 1.0 nft owners will get a free nft from the next nft collection.

Phase five | anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event in 2023 - details tba

The owners of the anthroposeries 1.0 ticket artworks are invited to participate in the anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event.

Phase six | anthroposeries 2.0 nft collection release. Details tba

By 100% sales of anthroposeries 1.0, 10% of the generated funds will be donated to a local organisation helping cats. We love animals and we are committed to contribute further by creating a foundation for care and protection of cats.

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