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Refik Anadol

Having drawn artificial intelligence art to perfection, the media artist, AI pioneer, and director Refik Anadol has acquired global fame and acclaim. Turkish by origin, the creator currently lives and strikes the mind of the public with his works in LA, California. 

Anadol's great lump of artwork addresses the challenges and impact produced by the era of computing technologies on humanity. His groundbreaking legacy strives to infinity, making Refik Abnadol one of the most prolific artists of modernity. The artist's masterpieces can be observed in multiple renowned galleries and exhibitions, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, La Biennale di Venezia, National Gallery of Victoria, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Hammer Museum, and others.

Of course, the innovative, never-before-seen view of things has brought the artist to the foundation of his own Refik Anadol Studio, which is currently focused on NFTs and the metaverse. It was Refik Anadol who introduced the world to the first immersive NFTs. Machine Hallucinations — Space: Metaverse, Living Architecture: Casa Batlló, inspired by Gaudi's beautiful building in Barcelona, and multiple other NFT artworks brought the creator and his Refik Anadol Studio to the non-fungible Olympus.

Explore machinery intelligence art by Anadol and find out what it means to be a human in the age of AI.

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