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Joel Rea

Joel Rea is a highly acclaimed and award-winning artist who is currently based in Queensland, Australia. He was born in 1983 and schooled in Queensland College of Art, where he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. Joel’s art pieces stand out due to his prowess in painting surreal, figurative paintings on canvas using oil-based paints. His completed artworks have a delicate balance of hyperrealism, photorealism, and virtuosic Renaissance realism. Art by Rea featured in Project M/14 by Urban Nation- Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in 2019. The American-based Magazine recognizes his works, Art Business News, which listed him among the 30 artists under 30 revolutionizing the world of fine arts in 2013.

His NFT debut drop, “Gold Tiger,” was in MakersPlace in Summer 2021. It featured a golden tiger to symbolize a new historical stage of artistic prosperity. This drop centered on pertinent issues tantamount to survival, such as climate change and extinction.

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  • On May 5th, multi-award-winning artist Joel Rea drops his ‘GOLD TIGER’ NFT Collection on Makers Place. Joel Rea is known for surreal, allegorical paintings that blend...

  • Multi-award-winning artist who creates surreal and allegorical paintings Joel Rea comes to MakersPlace with an NFT Drop. On June 24th, he drops the ‘Giant Puppy’ NFT...

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