GOLD TIGER by Joel Rea

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May 05, 2021 – May 06, 2021






On May 5th, multi-award-winning artist Joel Rea drops his ‘GOLD TIGER’ NFT Collection on Makers Place. Joel Rea is known for surreal, allegorical paintings that blend several genres. There is something from hyperrealism, photorealism, and virtuosic Renaissance realism in them. Joel skillfully wields a paintbrush. Combining contemporary visuals with painting, he creates amazing artworks.

Joel draws inspiration from the animal kingdom and the Universe beyond. The main character of his upcoming drop is the Gold Tiger that is a symbol of a new historic stage of artistic prosperity. Joel’s NFT pieces are focused on issues of survival, climate change, and extinction.

“The power of destruction contained within Rea’s animals and elements is both alluring and devastating. It is a metaphor for human experience and emotion. The dreamlike and catastrophic paintings celebrated life and deconstructed its perfection at the same time” – communicates the description of the drop.

If you are ready for an unexpected adventure, filled with action and intrigue, to the re-invented universe by Joel Rea, do not miss the drop!

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