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Matteo Mauro

Matteo Mauro is a contemporary artist, born in Sicily, and currently based in London and Milan. Matteo is an attentive observer and explorer of the world who looks at it with the eyes of an artist. He is always somewhere at the intersection between reality and dreams, embracing the old while relentlessly seeking the new for his art. 

Although Matteo Mauro traveled to many different countries, London became the starting point of his artistic practice. Matteo has worked and studied with influential designers like Ron Arad and Isaie Bloch there. He has also taught Digital Communication at London's LSBU and UCL universities. 

In 2017 he founded Matteo Mauro Studio where his team and he create sculptures, paintings, video art, installations and augmented reality pieces, incorporating both traditional and digital tools to create artworks with a contemporary sense. As a result, Matteo and his studio create captivating art by blending classic techniques with a modern, digital twist. 

Matteo’s inscription paintings have won many awards for an unprecedented generative technology, including International Van Gogh Prize and Master of Art 2018. In 2021, Matteo entered the NFT realm and right away came up with an innovative idea. He offered retrospective blockchain tokenization for physical artworks, which resonated with collectors. When it comes to Matteo’s NFT experience, he is also renowned for collaborating with the Lamborghini family at their first NFT  release. 

Being a versatile creative, Matteo Mauro is also the author of the famous book, Micromegalic Inscriptions. 

Matteo Mauro is undeniably a creative wizard shaping the future of contemporary art, and his artistic endeavors are well worth watching.

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