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Dehiscence is a multi-media artist based in Toronto, Canada. Before venturing into art, she worked in the medical field of forensic anthropology and critical care physiotherapy. In 2017, she made art-making a hobby and plunged into the immersive world of creating digital collages and paintings. A year later, she began using AI to create art.

Describing her artistic style as ʼvisual anthropological tales of the human experienceʼ, Dehiscence’s artworks are heavily themed around the human form. Through weird portrayals of the human anatomy using AI tools, she strips away societal biases based on exterior-level physical traits, encouraging discussions around race, gender, and sexuality. Her artworks also draw the minds of her audience to reflect on the importance of humans taking responsibility for their position on planet Earth.

In March 2020, Dehiscence positioned herself as an AI artist in the non-fungible realm while exhibiting her artworks at international exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. Her pieces are featured on such NFT marketplaces as KnownOrigin, Objkt, MakersPlace, SuperRare, and Foundation. Explore Dehiscence’s artistic world of non-fungible anthropology!


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