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Coldie is an American 3D artist who grew up in Northern California. He is the representative of stereoscopic art – the process of combining two offset images to create an illusion of depth, resulting in a 3D effect. 

As early as the age of four, young Coldie began expressing his doodle art using Microsoft Paint on his grandpa’s Macintosh computer. After high school, he pursued a bachelor's degree in graphic design at college. Following his graduation, Coldie secured a position at a newspaper outlet called L.A. Weekly in Los Angeles, where he contributed to creating covers.

Subsequently, Coldie ventured into the realm of freelance work to gain the freedom to craft unconventional art designs inspired by his imagination and environment. In 2018, he joined a cohort of early NFT enthusiasts, diving into the non-fungible realm. Coldie is often hailed as the first artist to introduce stereoscopic art to the NFT space. In 2019, he also played a role in establishing the 10% secondary artist commission model, now a standard practice across prominent NFT marketplaces.

Coldie’s artwork frequently features portrayals of public figures both within and outside the crypto space. The Decentral Eyes portrait series, a personalized visual representation of individuals like Warren Buffett and Snoop Dogg, is among his popular NFT initiatives. His art also encompasses prominent figures such as Vitalik Buterin, Andreas Antonopoulos, Hal Finney, and others. 

Coldie’s stereoscopic artworks have been showcased in national juried art exhibitions, major crypto-focused events, live auctions, and beyond. He remains one of the highest-earning NFT creators, with a plethora of awards recognizing his artistic achievements.  Follow Coldie across his social media accounts to stay on top of his latest art endeavors! 

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