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Ekaterina (Eka) Lestienne

Ekaterina (Eka) Lestienne is a French digital artist, creator of a colorful world full of positive vibes, and a pioneer of Crypto Baroque. Being passionate about the combination of colors, Eka creates vibrant and sparkling art. 

She combines the pieces of digitally transformed images, mixing them with other media to create fresh-layered imagery. Eka's style is often described as "intuitive," as she loves to work from a place of feeling rather than a preconceived plan. She allows the art to flow through her, relying a lot on intuition. 

Eka's artistic journey began in 2020 after undergoing a personal transformation. Eka never felt the need to share her art with others. However, after her awakening, she felt called to use her art to spread positive messages and connect with the rest of the world. 

In recent years, Eka started exploring the non-fungible realm, seeing it as an exciting adventure to make her art accessible to a new audience and connect with collectors and other artists worldwide. 

One of Eka's newly-created NFT collections, "White Moon. Black Moon," showcases her unique, vibrant, and colorful style. Her other digital creations were launched on prominent marketplaces, including Nifty Gateway, KnownOrigin, and Foundation. Eka once won the Art Gallery contest by Rove Metaverse and became the first crypto artist to be selected by Salon d'Automne, Paris, one of the most prestigious art shows in the world.

Eka has quickly become one of the most prominent female artists in the NFT realm, and her work is sure to continue to be influential in the years to come!

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