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Camila Nogueira

Born in 1993, Camila Nogueira is a Portuguese digital artist living in Porto. Having become passionate about art as a kid, Camila made a habit of waking up early during her high school days to paint random public spaces, giving more color to the city.

Using pastel colors and smooth gradients, Camila creates colorful, serene, and idyllic art inspired by nature. She invents surreal worlds anyone would want to live in. Her craft transports viewers to the side of beauty in everything, making them look at life through more dreamy lenses. Colorful Japanese woodblock prints, comic books, and Studio Ghibli's animations all inspire Camila to produce scintillating art.

Her artistic career started in 2015, shortly after her college graduation. As a freelancer, she has created several commercial illustration projects for international brands, music labels, and artists.

In recent years, Camila forayed into the non-fungible realm, bringing her colorful craft to a new audience and connecting with other artists. She became well-known in the space after SuperRare featured her as a new artist in September 2021. She has since released several NFTs on such marketplaces as SuperRare and Nifty Gateway. In March 2023, she dropped an NFT artwork, ‘The Journey,’ in collaboration with popular Web3 startup Proof.

Camila’s work has received wide reception from collectors and artists alike. Follow her on social media to stay updated on her next creation!

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