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Matt Gondek

Matt Gondek is a seasoned Pop Artist well-known for painting deconstructed pop icons. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA but currently based in Los Angeles, California. The creative spark of this artist showed from when he was a young child. He coloured a comic book while he was still studying in elementary school. Before joining the big leagues, he worked as a digital illustrator for a licenced clothing brand for the music industry. The skills he garnered there led to him launching his clothing line for his 30th Birthday. Unfortunately, the venture was a flop which led to him being free to take up freelance jobs of creating art. He developed his signature style by painting his endeavours which comprise deconstructed cartoon characters and fractured pop icons of our childhood artworks.

The artist has collaborated with the transmedia art and luxury collectables brand, Superplastic in the “Super Tragic” drop and has a solo drop named “Cyberbully”. Both drops are on the Nifty Gateway Platform.

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