Crack On by Matt Gondek

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June 18, 2021 – June 19, 2021






On June 18th, pop artist from LA Matt Gondek drops his new NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway, titled 'Crack On'.

The Deconstructed Pop Icons that Matt paints brought him worldwide popularity. He started creating paintings and murals in Pittsburgh before relocating to LA. His work started getting noticed and this was his road to international success.

The artist's third release on Nifty Gateway features open editions for past collectors and 2 limited edition pieces.

Each NFT Collection by Matt Gondek is a smash hit. Some of his artworks were sold for more than $20,000.00! It only means the one thing: add this drop to your calendars not to miss when it goes live on June 18th!

Tags: #art

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