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Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is a Grammy-award-winning DJ, record producer, songwriter, and singer born and raised in Scotland. Officially known as Adam Richard Wiles, Calvin started his career as a teenager at 15 years. His passion for electronic music saw him record demos in his bedroom and later uploaded them on his MySpace platform. He started harnessing fame with his hit song Acceptable in the 80s. His collaboration with Barbarian artist Rihanna in 2012 in We Found Long release saw him rise to the top league and earned Grammy and MTV awards trophies.

Today, Calvin Harris is among artists who have embraced the power of technology and blockchain. He has made several new releases as NFT drops in Gemini-owned marketplace, Nifty Gateway. TECHNOFISH is a nature-inspired NFT featuring an all-time friend and collaborator Emil Nava. This drop features five kaleidoscopic videos directed by Emil Nava and produced by Calvin Harris himself. Over the years, Calvin has worked with various brands such as Calvin Klein, Sol Republic, Pepsi, and Emporio Armani.

Calvin Harris is the co-founder of the music streaming platform, Tidal and Hakkasan Group, an Abu Dhabi-owned hospitality company music consultant.

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