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OG Esports is a professional esports organization that was founded in 2015 and based in Europe. Most people know the organization for winning the International 2018 and 2019 tournaments with the Dota 2 roster. OG Esports’ head is by J. M. R. Luna, the CEO, and co-owned by Johan Sundstein and Sébastien Debs. OG Sports won the inaugural Dota 2 Major Championship in Frankfurt in 2015 and received a $1 million prize. Things took a turn the following year, where the team finished 9-12th out of the 16 teams in the competition. A change in the lineup to include Liu, a Swedish national, saw the team reclaim its glory.

They won the International champions in 2018 alongside the $11 million rewards. Their winning streak continued into the following year, in which they were awarded $15.6 million out of the $34 million prize pool. OG Esports entered the NFT space in collaboration with Josh Pierce, a visual artist, to drop a collection titled “The River” on Nifty Gateway. More drops came in the summer of 2021 on the BInance NFT platform in collaboration with Filip Hodas.

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