TECHNOFISH by Calvin Harris x Emil Nava

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March 29, 2021 – March 29, 2021





A world-renowned singer, songwriter, music producer, and DJ, Calvin Harris has teamed up with a music video director and his close friend, Emil Nava to present an NFT drop to the world.

On the 29th of March, they are releasing the “TECHNOFISH” collection, featuring 5 new pieces of music and 5 new visuals.

Calvin and Emil have been collaborating for many years. Emil has been working on videos, artworks, live shows for Calvin. Their joint activity is always staggering. It’s high time they shook the NFT Universe!

“So excited to share a collection of NFT’s we have made together featuring art inspired by my father’s love for Fish and never-heard-before music from Adam” – says Emil.

Keep in mind: a part of the proceeds will be allocated to high-quality, forest conservation projects as well as to emerging technologies such as Charm Industrial that capture carbon from biomass waste and permanently store it underground.

“TECHNOFISH” NFT drop is original music by Calvin Harris, vibrant nature-themed visuals, and a great deed! All in one!

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