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Bongdoe is a 3D artist renowned for his magnetic glitch artworks. Distinguished by a striking palette of acid green, pink, and blue, Bongdoe's creations are always expressive and deep. The creator often draws inspiration from his boundless imagination. However, real-life problems, classical paintings, web3 culture, memes, video games, and the broader environment sometimes influence his work. Bongdoe also frequently reimagines historical statues, placing them as central figures within his masterpieces.

The core idea behind Bongdoe's art lies in the belief that creativity knows no boundaries. His aim is to create something distinct and intricate, challenging his potential for artistic expression. Beyond his impressive portfolio of 1/1 artworks, Bongdoe is deeply involved in the creation of his very own realm, Archivem.

In the realm of glitch artistry, Bongdoe shares the spotlight with such legendary artists as XCOPY, Empress Trash, Patrick Amadon, and KING XEROX. He continues to create in the non-fungible world despite the bear market and unveils his art on platforms such as Superrare, Nifty Gateway, and more. Bongdoe also takes part in group auctions such as the groundbreaking "Glitch: Beyond Binary" event, held at Sotheby's in April 2023. 

Bongdoe's innovative spirit, unique vision, and dedication to art make him an inspiring artist who will definitely be remembered for his contribution to the world of glitch art.

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