Chris Chris 18.01.2022

Our Efforts are Aiming to Inspire and Invigorate more Women to Participate in the World of Crypto β€” Creator's Interview

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Amy Matsushima,The founder of Women of Crypto. Let's get into it. 

Chris: Women of Crypto NFT is aimed at inspiring and invigorating women to participate in the world of crypto and digital money. How do Women of Crypto do that through the introduction of NFTs?

Amy: Fundamentally, our efforts are invested in bridging the gender gap, aiming to inspire and invigorate more women to participate in the world of crypto. Collective and indiscriminate effort facilitates inclusivity.

Through our roadmap we are able to project How Women of Crypto will invigrirate and promote women in the NFT space.

1.) We are starting an incubator for our holders- selected women members will get their project funded and we will take them under our wing. 

2.) 50% of our royalties are going to direct donations to our partnered charities ( Women Who Code and Crypto Chicks) 

3.) We will be using a $500,000 budget to create a networking/ NFT launchpad platform for women in the NFT space. This app will include a job board, NFT marketplace for women owned projects, as well as a social network for women! Most importantly we want to focus on education geared toward NFT education so there will be pre-filmed courses on NFTS with ranging from starting your own project to avoiding scams. 

Our marketing will be directed to creatives who are interested in NFTs to bring in a bigger audience of NFT newcomers! 

Chris: Women of Crypto NFT holders are entitled to receive free Men of Crypto NFTs. How do the Men of Crypto interact with the metaverse and 3D enabled NFT space along with the Women of Crypto NFT?

Amy: The high quality, 3D rendered, Men of Crypto , will preserve the same concept and style behind the female and male avatars. They will display, equally, the physical traits and characteristics of two particular avatars. This will become available for free  mint 6 weeks after launch to all WOC holders. 

We are presently working on rendering the WOC and MOC avatars completely, in order for your NFT to come alive in the Metaverse. 

Once the Women/Men of Crypto avatars are ready to jump into the Metaverse, community access to exclusive networking events WITHIN the Metaverse will be possible.

Chris: Interesting, so how does one mint their Women of Crypto NFT?

Amy: The best way to secure a presale spot is to get whitelisted on our discord! Each wallet will be allowed to mint a maximum of two NFTs. 

Our mint will be on our official website on January 27th at 11:11 AM PST and 7:11 PM UTC.

All secondary sales can be made on Open Sea. 

Please only click on the official links we have on our discord.

Chris: Furthermore, what is the cost of minting 1 NFT? How much is the gas fee? Do you have a minting limit for the NFT?

Amy: Our mint will be on our official website on January 27th at 11:11 AM PST and 7:11 PM UTC.

Cost of minting 1 NFT is 0.2 Eth + gas. 

We are limiting 2 NFTs per wallet. 

Gas fee is approximated to be around $24-80 depending on the current gas rate at that time. 

Chris: Additionally, when is the NFT release? Do you also have a presale?

Amy: Our official launch date is TBD. We will be releasing the NFTs first for whitelist members at 11:11 am PST,  then there will be a public sale 6 hours after. You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.

Chris: What are the different unique features of the Women of Crypto token? What are the rare features? Do you have a rarity chart for the interest of the investors?

Amy: We have more than 111 traits spanning from hair styles, outfits, earrings, body accessories, face accessories, and  backgrounds. Each trait will have a different rarity.  There will be a total of 20 legendaries! 

Chris: In the end, please introduce your team to our readers. Do you have women on board to contribute towards the Women of Crypto token?


The founder of Women of Crypto : Amy Matsushima 


Founder - Women of Crypto

From an early age, Amy Matsushima has displayed an innovative, entrepreneurial, and unbounded anima. You could say it all began in 3rd grade, wherein she recalls selling her own hand-crafted bracelets during recess. After two weeks, the demand rose, and she hired and trained fellow 8 year olds to optimize the production of the bracelets, thus, optimizing revenue.

In 2019, she began investing and trading, powering her fascination with cryptocurrency and its historical significance. In that same year, she entered the car and boating rental business, and presently remains active in the venture.

No matter the entrepreneurial stride, her gender has raised eye-brows, often finding herself to be the only woman amongst men in these enterprises. In the Marina, whether she is walking to her boat, or driving it, her conversations often start with, “Yes, it’s my boat,” or “Yes, I know how to drive it.” Daily, she is reminded of the gender gap (both financially and epistemically), not only in the realm of entrepreneurship as a whole, but now in the world of cryptocurrency.

Nonetheless, these disparities further motivate her to actively pursue and work towards educating and empowering underrepresented individuals. Ultimately, she is committed to inducing the shift necessary to ensure the equal opportunity of women in the global marketplace. With this current opportunity, she firmly believes every person has a place on the blockchain, and should feel able to partake in this technological and financial revolution at hand.

She is a Woman of Crypto.

Divya, UX Designer

Maeli, Co-Creative Director

Anne-Marie: Community Outreach 

Manav, Head of Marketing

Andre, Blockchain Developer

We have 4 full time women on the team and we have 3 women moderators that are integral to the growth and sustenance to this project.