Chris Chris 17.01.2022

We Will be Giving Away a Total of $4,000,000 in ETH in 8 Prizes and Donating $11,000,000 to Charity — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! How are you? What's your name? 

Big Seal: I go by Big Seal and I am the Co-founder for this project and will be conducting this interview. I am a Health Care Professional who has cared for Covid-19 patients for the last two years. My lifelong friend who is known as Little Seal is a Satellite Engineer working at a prominent University.

 Chris: Seal of Approval NFT is set to become the biggest charity and giveaway NFT? How are you going to make that possible? What is your idea behind the NFT and its charitable projects?

Big Seal: After seeing so much suffering in this world over the last 2 years of the pandemic, I wanted to make a real difference in the world. I reached out to Little Seal for help writing the code and Smart Contract necessary for our endeavor. We have yet to find a project that was willing to take a large percent of their proceeds to give back to their community and change the world through philanthropy. With a mint price of 0.5 ETH (estimated price of 1 ETH at $3000) and 10,000 tokens to mint, we would be able to give $4.5 million to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). We will also use $4.5 million for community development for future projects and developing the Seal of Approval Community. Prizes will total $2 million in ETH split into 7 different amounts and winners will be chosen using a random number generator. Additionally, $4 million will be used to fund Phase 2 prizes. This is only the first of many projects and they will only get bigger in charitable giving and community prizes.

Chris: Furthermore, you have stated some rather unbelievable numbers. What inspired you to develop this phenomenally unique project?

Big Seal: We decided that if we wanted to make a massive change, we needed to create an avenue that would offer the community an opportunity to win a large amount of money. We also wanted to secure the funds needed for future projects that would offer larger prizes for the community. The numbers seem unbelievable until you look at our calculations.
Chris: How many SLOA tokens are set to release in the first phase of your NFT launch? What is coming up for the next phase of NFTs?
Big Seal: The 10,000 SLOA tokens will be released to mint all at once. Only 20 tokens can be minted per transaction. Our goal is to make our project fair to the NFT community which is why we will give no advantages in phase one. Holders of the SLOA token will receive advantages on our future projects, such as 50% off our next token, in which the prize fund will be larger. In Phase two, outline on our website, the mint price will be raised to 1 ETH for a total of 15,000 NFTs. Every SLOA member will be given a discount to allow them to mint at .5 ETH. We will be giving away a total of $4,000,000 in ETH in 8 prizes and donating $11,000,000 to charity.

Chris: Additionally, what will be the price for each SLOA NFT? How much will be gas fees be?

Big Seal: Each SLOA token will cost 0.5 ETH to mint and will have an anticipated 0.02 ETH gas fees.

Chris: After buying the SLOA NFT, what more can the investor do with their token? What other benefits and entitlements are they set to receive as a SLOA owner?

Big Seal: SLOA token owners will have guaranteed early access to buying our new projects at a significantly discounted price. Additionally, we plan to create dApps to give NFT holders access to a community we are currently developing.

Chris: Consequently, does the SLOA owner automatically participate in the prize fund allocations?

Big Seal: Yes, after 1 month of minting, we will close our contract for minting and all current owners will be automatically placed in the drawing conducted by a random number generator. **The co-founders are excluded from all drawings.**
We will be hosting the drawings live on YouTube so all the owners and the community can see which lucky NFT owner won. We will be conducting one drawing each day for a week starting the day after minting has concluded. We will start with $25,000; 50,000; $75,000; $100,000; $250,000; $500,000; and finally, the $1,000,000 grand prize.
We will also post our charitable donation receipt on our website and on Twitter. Our goal is to have 100% transparency with the community.

Chris: We can’t wait to be a part of this grand giveaway. What are the important dates for the release of the token? Will there be a presale or a whitelist as well?

Big Seal: SLOA will be releasing its public sale at 2300 UTC 31 January 2022 (1800 EST, 1500 PST), because historically this time has a lower-than-average gas fee. We will not be doing a presale or whitelist for the initial project. However, by owning a SLOA NFT, you will have access to presale and reduced prices for all our future projects.

Chris: In the end, please tell us where to head to get a real-time update on what’s latest at SLOA

Big Seal: Please follow us for updates on our Twitter and website for more information.
Very Respectfully,
Big Seal