Unifred Unifred 20.04.2023

The Wolf of Wall Street Producer Partners With Aventus to Create NFT Experience for Movie Fans

Red Granite Pictures, the producer of the 2013 blockbuster movie The Wolf of Wall Street, has recently sounded its non-fungible ambitions. Partnering with web3 solutions provider Aventus and Polkadot, the production company is up to embrace the revolutionary power of NFTs, launching an NFT series based on 'The Wolf of Wall Street’ megahit. 

Unique tokens from the NFT collection will provide fans with access to exclusive content, rewards, and experiences, including never-before-seen scenes from the movie, and beyond. NFT holders will get to a dedicated community with the right to vote on themes for fan fiction stories as well as attend various live events such as Wolf of Wall Street-themed parties, an invite-only event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the film, and more. Red Granite Pictures has also unveiled that buyers will also have a chance to purchase props and costumes from the movie and hear remixed songs from the soundtrack. 

In addition to bringing new and exciting experiences to movie fans, Red Granite Pictures is interested in protecting the intellectual property of the film through cutting-edge blockchain technology. 

The NFTs will be created by Aventus Network, a layer 1 (parachain) on Polkadot. This means that the project will leverage the full benefits of the Polkadot ecosystem, including scalability, speed, interoperability, and security. Additionally, the collection will have interoperability with 50+ blockchains, including Ethereum.

The Wolf of Wall Street Experience is scheduled to launch during the second quarter of 2023, with additional perks for early participants in the community.

Commenting on the development, Alan Vey, Founder & CEO at Aventus, said that The Wolf of Wall Street is not just one of the most iconic movies across popular culture but also "specifically" within the blockchain community.

"We're thrilled to be able to bring this film to Web3 and to be a part of a historic moment for the industry as blockbuster becomes the latest sector to realize the benefits of NFTs in community building and engagement," he added.

By launching digital tokens, Red Granite Pictures hopes to revive the real-life success of the legendary movie. Aside from creating new engagement mechanics with its fans, the production company also has a bigger goal in mind, namely to support charitable causes while boosting streaming revenue.