Unifred Unifred 19.04.2023

Hugo Boss Links Baseball Wearables to NFTs Via NFC Tags

Hugo Boss continues to deepen its embrace of the non-fungible realm. This time a renowned fashion brand combines physical and digital in its branded wearables, adding NFC tags to its multiple baseball caps and hoodies. 

After purchasing the physical product, customers will be able to download the product authenticator app, CollectID, to scan the NFC chip on a baseball cap or hoodie. This way, they will be eligible to claim the digital version of the branded item to dress up their avatars in the metaverse. 

Hugo Boss also collaborated with the 3D avatar-making company Ready Player Me to ease the creation of digital characters. Users simply need to take a selfie to create a full-body 3D avatar they will use for themetaverse and gaming experiences. Then they will get an option to stylize their avatars with digital baseball caps and hoodies by Hugo Boss. 

The fashion company noted that the thrilling phygital experience would first be available to holders of the HUGO x Imaginary Ones NFT collection.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, more and more brands are seeking ways to bridge the gap between physical and digital. As the trend for blending these two realms in the fashion industry gains momentum, Hugo Boss has become eager to be at the forefront of this movement.

Its recent partnership with Imaginary Ones and an NFT collection dubbed Embrace Your Emotions (EYE) was not just a series of vibrant images but also bore a social mission. 3D characters within the collection were released to encourage youths to embrace their positive and negative emotions while preserving their mental health.

Hugo Boss' latest move shows the brand's undying loyalty to supporting the growth of the non-fungible world and cementing its place there. It also portrays the company's efforts to introduce fashionistas into the ever-growing realm as the future is likely to be tokenized.