Unifred Unifred 13.04.2023

Adidas Unveils ALTS NFT Collection to Deepen Web3 Experience

Fashion sportswear brand Adidas is strengthening its grip on the Web3 ecosystem by launching its latest NFT collection called ALTS by Adidas. This is the final phase of the ‘Into the Metaverse’ project by the global brand. The big reveal was shared on Twitter by Adidas Web3-focused spokesperson Indigo Herz.

ALTS is a dynamic NFT collection that will unfold in three chapters throughout 2023. Dubbed ALT[er] Ego, the first chapter is a starting point on a journey towards gaining ‘ALTS by adidas’ identity. An ALT[er] Ego is the first of eight traits that will form the ALT identity. Besides, ALT[er] egos come with different rarities, namely Strikes, Sprints, Hoops, Thrills, Amps, Sols, Decors, and Drips. Adidas has unveiled that at the end of Chapter 3, holders will receive a unique PFP consisting of countless trait combinations with a rarity rank. 

Aside from rarity-based utilities available to every ALT, there will be an exclusive utility that will provide further benefits. Some of the benefits generally available to holders of the new edition include access to physical and virtual products, premium access to the Adidas Collect platform, co-creation opportunities for Adidas products, and much more. 

It’s worth noting that only those holders who will burn their “Into the Metaverse” NFTs from Phases 1 and 2 can mint ALTS NFTs. 

A game-changing initiative by Adidas might be truly absorbing for participants. Their ALT[er] Ego will evolve based on their decisions and engagement with a storyline and will form a unique PFP at the end of Chapter 3.

Adidas’ latest unveiling of ALTS shows the brand’s undying effort to adopt innovations and use cutting-edge mechanics to engage its audience. The implementation of dynamic NFTs (dNFTs) by Adidas is more proof that the brand is a step ahead. 

Stay tuned for the updates as Adidas unlocks more cards up its sleeves!