Unifred Unifred 12.04.2023

Cool Cats and Futureverse Join Forces for Next-Level NFT Experiences and Market Domination

Renowned Web3 company behind an iconic blue-chip NFT collection Cool Cats is joining forces with metaverse infrastructure and content provider Futureverse to enhance its products and strengthen its position as a leader in the non-fungible realm. Cool Cats is dedicated to realizing its vision of becoming a prominent entertainment brand that embraces the concept of “cool” through engaging community-centered storytelling and relentless innovation.  

As part of the partnership, Cool Cats will leverage Futureverse’s advanced technology to upgrade Cool Cat’s products and utilities for holders. With the idea in mind to onboard more mass market audiences to the ecosystem, Cool Cats also aims to broaden its influence within the NFT realm and further boost its status as a leader. The strategic collaboration with Futureverse is promised to be quite fundamental, resulting in the creation of a wide array of products including a custom marketplace, 3D explorations, asset personalization, AI tools, and beyond. 

Through the internal Web3 portal and marketplace, users will have the ability to customize their assets, while the virtual metaspace experience will allow 3D Cool Cats to venture beyond their 2D form. Additionally, the AI tools will enable holders to collectively evolve Cool Cats content, opening up new possibilities for innovation and creativity within the project.

To strengthen the partnership aimed at scaling both parties’ presence within and beyond Web3, Cool Cats and Futureverse agreed on exchanging minority equity interests. Besides, they will make a strategic castling of their representatives, namely Ken Cron, chairman of Cool Cats, will join the Futureverse Board of Directors, while Futureverse co-founders Aaron McDonald and Shara Senderoff will join the Cool Cats Board.

Having an extensive array of potential collaborators for the Cool Cats universe from various industries, including film, music, lifestyle, and sports, a lot of exciting novelties are expected from this collab. 

Commenting on the partnership, Co-Founder, and CEO of Futureverse Aaron McDonald said:

"Cool Cats has incredible intellectual property that is known and loved by its community. We are excited to be able to partner with them to help bring their IP and characters to life with our expertise in advanced technologies."

The strategic partnership between Cool Cats and Futureverse promises to be a game-changer for both parties. Cool Cats’ expertise in creating compelling content combined with Futureverse’s cutting-edge technological advancements in metaverse infrastructure, including AI and digital wearables, creates a powerful synergy that will benefit both companies. Together, they aim to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver unparalleled experiences to the Web3 community and beyond.