Unifred Unifred 07.04.2023

Reddit to Launch Gen 3 Collectible Avatars on Polygon

Reddit has taken bold steps to deepen its embrace of the non-fungible realm with the upcoming release of its third generation (Gen 3) collection of Reddit Avatars. Built on the Polygon Blockchain, the series is slated for the week of April 10th. 

Reddit has collaborated with 66 creators, including new and existing artists, for its latest NFT venture. The team has also deployed new contracts on the Polygon mainnet in preparation for the upcoming avatars’ drop.

A Reddit admin echoed the launch timeframe for the much-anticipated collection drop last week, saying

“That’s right, GEN 3 is dropping the week of April 10th! Your vigor, your valiance, and now your vaults will be taken to another dimension with the third installment of creator-made Collectible Avatars.”

As with previous editions, holders of the upcoming Reddit collectibles can use it as a display picture for their Reddit handle and other social platforms. Besides, holders can switch wearables for their digital models to liven up their appearance.

Several community members are enthusiastic about the Gen 3 edition, saying it would sell out within minutes. Some are on the side that it would not sell out so fast. Still, others commend the platform’s marketing efforts to convert NFT skeptics into being neutral or even becoming non-fungible degens.

Since its first appearance in July 2022, Reddit avatars have captured users’ interest in the ecosystem with the Gen 1 and Gen 2 sales. In just three months, the project garnered as many as three million holders of its NFT avatars, who bought and held the artifacts in a vault. Current data on the analytics platform Dune shows that there are over 7.3 million avatar holders. 

Reddit’s latest step into forming a deeper bond with the NFT realm shows its unwavering commitment to supporting the growth of the nascent ecosystem. It also shows that the platform is poised to bring as many people as possible into the realm. Being an avid NFT collector, you don’t want to miss out on the Reddit avatar initiative.