Unifred Unifred 04.04.2023

Jack Daniels Taps Digital Collectibles Within Its Web3-Focused Campaign

Renowned whiskey producer Jack Daniels has launched a new Web3-focused campaign in collaboration with Yahoo Creative Studios, bringing an exciting experience to its users, built around Polygon-based digital collectibles and augmented reality (AR). 

The campaign is a mobile AR experience, similar to Pokemon Go's map-based mobile game, inviting users to explore five Australian cities and find branded AR crates, backed up with rewards. When a user finds a box, it opens up, and he receives a digital collectible stored in a digital wallet created by the whiskey producer. This digital collectible unveils exclusive content, including gift vouchers, a trip to the Jack Daniels' distillery, and NFT music from Aussie bands, namely Winston Surfshirt, Stand Atlantic, and the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets with 2000 tracks available for grabs. 

The partnership between Jack Daniels and Yahoo Creative Studios came through an open pitching process with other 15 agencies involved. Yahoo was selected as the best partner for the campaign because of its winning pitch for an age-restricted game, which shows that the company understands the importance of engaging younger audiences in a way that is both entertaining and developing. 

The duo hopes the newly-launched campaign will bring back some of the excitement from the old days of CDs, vinyl, and LPs. This collaboration also aims at creating a deeper connection between younger generations and the music. 

Explaining this, Dimitra Tassopoulos, the senior brand manager for Jack Daniels Family of Brands, said

"I remember when bands released music and people lined up to purchase it. They could see the cover art and open it up to see the lyrics. That's something that the younger generation has not had the joy of discovering because things seem a little less personal when you're streaming the song rather than owning the song."

By bringing together the worlds of music, whiskey, digital collectibles, and great rewards, Jack Daniels and Yahoo Creative Studios aim to create a truly captivating experience that will engage and excite consumers like never before.