Chris Chris 01.04.2023

Each Collector to Mint will Get Exclusive 1M Airdrop of Our HKDAO Token — Creator's Interview

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Hackerman - Founder of Visible Frogs!

Chris: What inspired you to create the Visible Frogs NFT collection, and how did you go about bringing it to life?

Hackerman: The inspiration behind Visible Frogs was the solidity of memes. I am passionate about that world, and they belong to my Frogborgs universe, a narrative about a dystopian futuristic city where few entirely biological beings survive and coexist with cyborgs. It was a long and technically complex process since it was a challenge to generate 10,000 different loops. We gave each process the necessary time, from the design of the base frog to the walking personality, and finally, the technical development that allowed the mixture of all variants.

Chris: Your collection features a variety of different frog designs with unique characteristics and traits. Can you talk about the creative process behind coming up with each frog's design and personality?

Hackerman: I have been animating characters since around 1999. For this loop, I wanted to incorporate certain irony, starting with a certain nihilistic attitude from the character. The animation was also not polished, and it stayed one step ahead of the blocking process since it was essential to have some imperfection, part of the general aesthetic. The design of the traits was very organic, and I wanted different colors, gradients, and some elements that gave them personality, such as caps, shirt designs, VR equipment, among others. Some artist friends from the HKDAO collective supported me for this purpose.

Chris: NFTs have exploded in popularity over the past year, with countless new collections popping up every day. What sets Visible Frogs apart from other NFT collections out there?

Hackerman: The first point is that we have animated loops in 3D, beyond just presenting an image. Additionally, the frogs are part of a larger universe. Conceptually, Visible Frogs is clearly a parody of Invisible Friends, representing what is hidden that we do not see directly, that which we have to read between the lines. Therefore, the character's attitude, with a general indifference that, in turn, represents his power and solidity. These frogs are indestructible, surfing forever on the blockchain.

Chris: Your collection's Discord server has a thriving community of collectors and fans. What steps have you taken to foster this community, and what role do you see it playing in the long-term success of your project?

Hackerman: Our largest community has been created on Twitter, and it has been a challenging and complex task since it is difficult to reach collectors without being intrusive. I believe we have organically interested them in the project's concept, and our approach has been very gradual. We are confident that Visible Frogs will be successful, and if so, the next step will be the development of a project called Last Bunker City. It is where these beings coexist with cyborg frogs and a few humans. At this point, our native token $HKDAO will become important since it will allow our holders to acquire unique digital values and interact with the next stage of our narrative.

Chris: How do you envision the role of NFTs evolving in the art world over the next few years, and what role do you see Visible Frogs playing in this evolution?

Hackerman: believe that the NFTs we know so far are just the tip of the iceberg peeking into a sea of possibilities. I think web3 and NFTs will completely revolutionize the way we understand intellectual property or even validate skills of all kinds. It is the convergence point between the physical and digital worlds. Visible Frogs intends to be only the beginning of an ecosystem that values this concept, where freedom and art will be the transversal axis of our next developments.

Chris: As the founder of Visible Frogs, what do you hope collectors and fans of your collection take away from their experience with it?

Hackerman: In addition to a cute and tireless frog, a part of me, my madness, my dreams, and a ticket to my project, each Visible Frog includes an airdrop of one million of my HKDAO tokens, which will be the key to added value within my Frogborgs universe.

Chris: Finally, what's next for Visible Frogs? Are there any upcoming drops or projects in the works that you can share with us?

Hackerman: Yes, as I mentioned before, there will be an airdrop of tokens for each holder, and more characters from this sci-fi story. We are already working on the next collection and are about to start the most ambitious project, "Last Bunker City." I am confident that it will be an attractive refuge for all its users.