Unifred Unifred 05.04.2023

OpenSea Rebrands Gem V2 Into OpenSea Pro Marketplace

One of the most prominent NFT marketplaces, OpenSea has recently introduced a new tactic to continue its battle against Blur. It has unveiled an NFT aggregator, dubbed the OpenSea Pro, providing professional NFT traders with advanced features within the platform. 

OpenSea Pro is a rebranded version of Gem V2 that was once Gem. OpenSea purchased Gem in April 2022 and then upgraded it to Gem V2 to meet the needs of users in quest of sophisticated trading tools and bulky trades. And now it has made another move, namely creating OpenSea Pro and bringing existing and new advanced tools to the ecosystem. 

The aggregator features up-to-date data across over 170 marketplaces like X2Y2, Blur, LooksRare, and others. It also enables collectors to configure their orders based on maximum item price, traits, and more. Other advanced features within the new platform include inventory management, live mint overview, batch NFT transfers, watchlists, accessibility from mobile devices, sweeps performing, and much more.

The pro platform also gives NFT traders the most value from their sales by scouting for the best NFT pools, bids, and collection offers. The project crowns it all with a zero-fee policy that will be available for a promotional timeframe. However, it is worth noting that OpenSea will resume its standard 2.5% platform fee on NFT trades after the promotional offer ends.

OpenSea announced an appreciation package for users who traded NFTs on the Gem V2 platform before it evolved into OpenSea Pro in its latest report. The team stated:

“To commemorate this journey, we’re proud to announce the ‘Gemesis’ NFT drop, a special ‘thank you’ for Gem’s early adopters. Starting later today, qualified users who bought an NFT on Gem before March 31, 2023, will be able to claim a free Gemesis NFT through May 4, 2023.”

The launch of OpenSea Pro marketplace is a significant development for OpenSea and the NFT industry as a whole. OpenSea’s rebranding of Gem V2 has resulted in a platform that offers professional trader advanced features, up-to-data data across various marketplaces, and access to new tools such as batch NFT transfers.  This move by the leading NFT company also underscores its dedication to supporting the growth of the NFT realm and meeting the increasing demand for sophisticated trading tools by industry professionals.